Fiction to Film: Jack The Giant Slayer

Fiction to Film-01


So I feel like I might have this thing going on for Nicholas Hoult or something, but I feel like I’m watching a lot of movies with him in them lately. That being said, he’s a pretty great actor and I feel like he made a really great Jack.

When I first saw the trailer for Jack the Giant Slayer, I was immediately interested. So I had to go see it. I mean, who doesn’t like the story of Jack and the Beanstalk? Mind you, there are very few similarities to the two. There’s Jack, the magic beans and the beanstalk of course. Then the giants. But Jack doesn’t go up to steal anything, he goes to save the princess.

I really enjoyed the casting for this movie. Nicholas Hoult of course, was great. Ewen McGregor was hilarious and it even has Bill Nighy, who makes an awesome giant that you love to hate. Stanley Tucci is in it, I actually didn’t even recognise him in this role, I’ve never really seen in much other than comedies, plus his character had hair. I think Eleanor Tomlinson was a great choice for Isabelle as well, I haven’t really seen her in much, but she did wonderful. So the casting was all really good in my opinion.

The storyline was great, like I said before it doesn’t follow the regular Jack and the Beanstalk plot, but this one was much more interesting to me. More action and romance, parts that make you laugh and just plain fun to watch.

I would definitely watch this movie again and again. I think you should check it out! I know I’ll need to watch it again with my husband, he’s quite jealous that I went out on a girls night to see this one!