Hi! My name is Jenn. I’m 24 years old, married, and have a beautiful daughter named Kailyn. I live in Fredericton, New Brunswick and have had a love of reading since I was able to read at age 4. I moved a lot growing up so books became my best friends, they were the constant in my life. I will give pretty much any type of fiction a chance and really enjoy most Young Adult fiction. I do like a bit of gaming and enjoy playing WoW, Zelda, Harvest Moon and Mario. I love discussing books with others and love getting recommendations. I’m also a certified dog groomer who loves animals, my favourite animal being a toss up between tigers and wolves.

Some of my favourite books are: Harry Potter, The Iron Fey series, Vampire Academy series, The Earth’s Children series, The Sookie Stackhouse series, LotR and Song of Ice and Fire.

I have a love of movies and television shows that are based off of books. Some of these include: Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, True Blood, LotR, The Hobbit, Vampire Diaries.

In addition to A Glo-Worm Reads, I’m also a regular reviewer at Owl Read It. So feel free to check out more of my reviews there.


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