A Glo-Worm’s Thoughts – Co-Bloggers and the Pros and Cons

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This post may be a bit ranty at times, but that’s partly why I’m writing it. For those of you that don’t know, I have another blog. On this blog I have two other reviewers. We each post one review a week and rotate certain memes and features, or so we did.

So I started my other blog in December of 2011. At the time I didn’t feel that I read enough to make enough review posts. So I asked my best friend if she wanted to join in to help out. She was happy to do this, so we were two. Fast forward to this past summer. I met a new neighbour who also has a passion for reading and was interested in blogging but wasn’t sure if she would be able to commit to it. So at the time we were having trouble getting as many posts done as we wanted, so I asked her if she wanted to join it. So there were three of us and has been ever since.

Well, the past couple of months, after we’ve been scheduling posts since the summer to make sure everyone gets what they needed done, I noticed that neither of them were following the schedule anymore. So I asked them about it. One never ever got back to me and the other thought for some reason I had removed her from this feature, so wasn’t bother to look or even check the schedule to see if she was on it (huh?!). Basically I had a moment where I wanted to say a few things, I didn’t and just told them both to never mind and scrapped the feature. I could have done it by myself but it was a post that each of us did once a month since it was a bit harder to think of enough ideas each week. So that’s now gone and they are back in their own worlds, the blog has gone on and all is fine.

But I had been thinking about it for awhile and realized a few things. There are things that would have been much easier if I was the only blogger, boom A Glo-Worm Reads was born! Don’t get me wrong, I still love my other blog and my co-bloggers but it has been so much easier alone. There are always going to be pros and cons in any relationship like this, so I thought I would make a list of what I’ve noticed in case you’re thinking of getting a co-blogger. So you can decide if it’s the right choice for you!


  • More bloggers = less posts that you have to do!
  • More blog diversity for types of books read
  • Less stress for getting so many books read to review each week
  • You always have someone to discuss books with!
  • More people to help promote the blog!
  • Different review voices (writing styles) for more variety


  • Sometimes not everyone does their posts
  • Sometimes contacting co-bloggers can be difficult, so if something is time sensitive..
  • In my case, I do most things, make schedules, find contacts, comment on other blogs, reply to comments
  • Co-blogger(s) might quit with no notice (this is always a worry of mine!) Causes stress!
  • They might not follow the schedule.
  • Can sometimes be more stress/work for one person
  • Can’t really personalise anything because of conflicting personalities
  • No room for flexibility in blog schedule

Basically I’m not having the best time with my co-bloggers anymore. We’ve thought about getting our own domain and a new blog makeover, but no one was willing to help split the costs with me. Yes, I know I made the blog, but I didn’t even blog a month alone, so there has pretty much been someone there the whole time with me. They could help split the cost but won’t, so I feel like there is a lack of commitment. They say they want the change, but are unwilling to help? I also fund most of the giveaways and such. Most, but not all.

I’ve found that I’m wasting my time making a schedule, so I might just stop bothering if no one is going to look at it. Maybe they will make it? Doubtful. There are times where I feel like everything I’ve done for the blog is taken for granted. I’ve had next to no help lately, other than them getting their posts up on time. It kind of sucks. I’m having a much better time on this blog because I can be more flexible with my posts. this is a much less stressful project for me now.

At least I’m having fun here! I’m sorry if I got a bit ranty, clearly I’m not happy with some things right now. What do you guys think? Are co-bloogers something you would want? My experience with them did start out really great for about 6 months or so, but only recently it’s changed.



12 thoughts on “A Glo-Worm’s Thoughts – Co-Bloggers and the Pros and Cons

  1. I give kudos to anyone who works with a co-blogger! I think I would drive myself nuts trying to work with someone on something as precious as my blog hahaha. I just LOVE being able to create my own graphics, set it up the way I like, change the schedule if I need to, etc. I feel like I would fight too much with someone if I worked with someone else!!
    And HAHA I saw your comment above — TOTALLY the reason why I hated group projects!! 🙂

  2. Sometimes I think about how much easier it would be with a coblogger, but then I am SUCH a control freak that I love having my schedules and sticking to them. I don’t mind guest reviewers or guest posters, but I like to be very much in control of my blog.

    One thing I do like is the idea of diversity AND if my reading slows down, it wouldn’t affect the blog at all. But I guess I’m not having that issue yet. And if I don’t post every day, I don’t post every day. No big deal. I blog because I love it, so if I can’t keep up, I’ll adjust accordingly.

    Great post!

    • Sometimes it is easier! But then I think a lot of the issues I have is that I’m a control freak, so when they aren’t posting something they agreed to post it ticks me off. The diversity is great and not having to worry about missing a post here and there, you know, if I didn’t have it scheduled for the next two months already..

  3. Yikes, I’d suspected you were unhappy with your co-bloggers, so it sucks to see that confirmed. I do have a question, though: must you have a schedule and must it be followed? It sounds like they just want to do their own thing, and the blog is persisting pretty regularly, so maybe a schedule isn’t needed. Or maybe if they’re not happy with the schedule they should speak up!

    I know how it feels to be in charge of a project, and passionate about it, but the rest of the group just doesn’t seem to care as much. I don’t think you should have to shoulder all of the costs and responsibilities. 😦

    I have had a group blog in the past (there were 8 of us!) and it was great for a while. We didn’t have a schedule, but we did just try to time our posts reasonably. But again, nobody wanted to help with costs. I posted a message in our private forum to ask them to donate a little for domain hosting renewal, and only one of them contributed. (Altogether, like 5 bucks from each person would have been enough, you know?) Sigh!

    Anyway. Yeah, there are definitely pros and cons to co-blogging. I think I’m too much of a control freak to try it again anytime soon. I hope you can get these issues sorted out.

    • We didn’t use a schedule for the longest time and I would schedule my posts and have them all set up and they would get published and then my co-blogger would finish a book that day and post a review for it immediately. So we would end up with multiple posts a day (once she posted 3 reviews in a day) I kind of just felt like my post that I actually took the time to figure out what days we didn’t have anything got pushed to the bottom all the time and no one was seeing them.

      Then because she posted one or two posts in a day, she wouldn’t have anything else for a week or so and I would be struggling to fit in some content, not everyday but I mean, a week with nothing wasn’t the best. We also rotate the WoW meme, so we use the schedule so no one forgets about it. That stuff was happening with only two of us, so when the third came in… We didn’t want a cluster of posts and then nothing and then a cluster.

      So we just decided that we would each post our reviews on certain days of the week and if someone wants to do something extra, like a blog tour or something, they are free to put it in whenever, as long as there’s no more than two posts a day. I don’t like spamming peoples email boxes with multiple emails a day.

  4. I have decided I am also too much of a control freak for co-blogging. I invested so much time and money into getting my blog to look the way I want and work the way I want that adding another person to the equation just sounds like a bad idea. I thought about it once (and posted to see if anyone was interested), but didn’t get much of a response anyway. It seems like everyone wants their own blog these days, or they are already in a co-blogger set up. I just don’t read enough to have multiple blogs 😉

    As far as your co-bloggers current actions, that’s horrible. If you all are equal in this blog, then you should all share the costs equally. Either that, or you should be the “head blogger” and they are associates/helpers or something. Ie, you pay for most of it and you get to make all the decisions. It doesn’t sound like that is the setup though 😦

    Anya @ On Starships and Dragonwings

    • Yeah, I’m starting to think that I might be a bit of a control freak when it comes to things like this. But I didn’t want to ask them to leave or anything, since they both seem to enjoy writing reviews, but I needed my own space. I think I might be heading away from the other blog soon, but I’m afraid it will die if I do and then all that work will be for nothing.

  5. Interesting post! Sorry to hear you’re having so much trouble lately. I don’t know how you handle it. It’s frustrating when you work so hard on something and others don’t take it as seriously. It reminds me of all those group projects back in school where I would do the entire project and my partners would do just a thing here or there and that was it. It’s not motivating at all and takes the joy away from doing what you’re doing.

    I’m way too much of a control freak to ever really consider having a co-blogger. It is something I have somewhat considered just for when I go to London in the fall for university, since I’ll be in a new country and starting my Master’s and probably not have enough time to do everything I do now, but I don’t know how well I’d handle it. I would be really picky on who I choose to help out. I don’t think I could just accept any random blogger. I would hope they are quirky and talkative like I am, and have some kind of proof that they will do their best. Still, I would still have a hard time with that whole “This is MINE” feeling. I’d love for a co-blogger to add posts and bounce off ideas with me, but I wouldn’t want them to change my layout or do anything without checking with me. Such a control freak!

    Anyways, back to your issue, I think it was a great idea you started this blog. I don’t know how you handle both, but I love following you on this blog and feel like it’s more personal than the other one. If you really wanted to get a domain and they aren’t willing to help pitch in, I would do it for this one and not the other.

    Sorry for rambling!

    • Yes, I think I’m going to get my own domain here before the end of the month. Hopefully. I think this blog is more personal too..lol But I suppose it would be with only one person!

      Sometimes it’s a struggle to balance both blogs, but I’m slowly working on it. What I really need is a day to just sit and get posts written up for the month or something, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. Since I never have me time until after Kailyn goes to bed..lol

      I hated group projects in school for this exact reason, so I should have known what would happen.. 😦

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