Reading With Kailyn: The Gruffalo & Love You Forever

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Reading With Kailyn is a feature that I do biweekly where I give a couple of short thoughts on books that I’ve been reading with Kailyn, my two year old, lately. 


So this is a new feature that I’ve been wanting to start. Just something fun to do and to keep me from slacking on reading to my daughter, I hope you enjoy it!


The Gruffalo is one of my favourite books to read with Kailyn. I love the story and rhymes and really get a kick out of the mouse. The illustrations are done very nicely and Kailyn will actually sit still for a lot of it. It’s a bit on the wordier side, but it seems to be one of her favourite books to read because she is constantly grabbing it and sitting down to look at it alone. Picking it from the over 100 books that she has. We have fun making different voices for the animals and always like how the mouse can outsmart them all. The Gruffalo is a great book for toddlers and is fun for even the adult to read. I can’t even count how many times I’ve read it so far and I’m still not bored of it!


Love You Forever is one of the books I remembered from my childhood that I knew I had to get to read to Kailyn. She actually not all that into this one yet, it’s a bit long for her still. I still love to read it to her though and it doesn’t seem to matter how many times I read it, I still tear up. It’s a great book that shows a mother’s love for her child from when they are born until she is too old to take care of him any more. I would say that this is a necessity for any child’s bookshelf!


3 thoughts on “Reading With Kailyn: The Gruffalo & Love You Forever

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  2. You know, I never had these books when I was a kid! My mom did do a lot of reading with us, though, so I don’t feel deprived or anything. The Gruffalo sounds like a cute one. 🙂

    • The Gruffalo is a newer one, but yes, very cute! My dad was the one who did the reading to me, one of a few memorable and redeeming things about him. I’ll always have that and he did give me a great love of reading.

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