A Glo-Worm’s Thoughts: Juggling Life With Blogging

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I have a busy life, as I’m sure a lot of you do. Some of you might have school or jobs and others like me have families, or any combination of the three. Regardless, we are all busy and yet we still find a way to make time for blogging. Sometimes I don’t get as much time as I would like, but there isn’t much I can do about it for the most part.

When I first started blogging, it was just Kailyn and I home together all day. She napped about 1.5-3 hours every afternoon and I had some spare time. She also got into the habit of going to bed at 7pm every night, which she still does for the most part. She rarely naps any more though.

You would think that losing those few hours a day to myself wouldn’t really matter, but it really does. After she stopped napping as much I suddenly didn’t have the time to go and check out all of the blogs that I would look at daily. I still managed to get my posts in, but barely. One of the things that I enjoy about blogging is the social interaction. I like to be able to go and see other peoples posts and the comments on it and leave my own thoughts on it. But right now I’m finding it harder and harder to do. I know I can spend my time in the evening commenting and checking out blog posts, but honestly, I don’t want to spend all of my free time commenting. I have other things to do, like read, clean, read, sleep and play a game occasionally.

I realise that this might make me seem like a jerk because I can’t always get back to people right away but sometimes it just has to wait. I like to respond to all comments that are made on my blogs (I have two if you didn’t know) but I can’t get to it right away all the time.

Since I started blogging, I’ve learned how to better manage the time that I do have. Sometimes I might take one night of the week and just prepare a ton of my posts so I don’t have to worry about it for a few days. Which I’ve done. Just last week I wrote four reviews in one night because I powered through a bunch of books and didn’t stop to write reviews. It was a bit of a pain but I got it done. Other nights I will read all night, watch a show or I’ll try to level one of my many Warcraft characters. Anything I do is after I clean generally. Which is something I have to keep up on or I will get way behind.

I don’t know about you guys but when I get on the computer I tend to get stuck on social medias a lot, so getting anything blog related, like writing posts might take twice as long as it should. So sitting down and reading is easier because the book gets all of my attention, then when I know I have a lot of reviews to write, I’m more likely to get it done in one sitting because I know I don’t have the time to waste.

Now finding time for reading is a bit harder. I run a dayhome out of my house, so I will admit at times I will read more than I should. If the kids are playing I will sit in the room with a book and read. I will of course separate any fights that come up quickly and attend to any bumps and falls as fast as I can get to them but I still feel a bit guilty for reading sometimes. Even if they aren’t paying attention to me. One of the reasons I read so much is so I can get review books read on time and such, so it is a bit shameful at times.

Regardless, I still manage to take care of the kids, play with my daughter on weekends, keep my house somewhat clean, feed everyone, watch a couple of shows, play a game and relax, while still keeping up on blogging. I guess being a mommy blogger has made it easier to mutlitask in a way.

How about you guys? Are you able to juggle life with blogging without going too much of one way (which I’m guilty of) and ignoring the other? How do you find a balance?



14 thoughts on “A Glo-Worm’s Thoughts: Juggling Life With Blogging

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  3. I think we all empathise, it’s so hard to juggle. Don’t feel under pressure, remember this is just for fun :). I’m a big fan of scheduling, I will often skip tea breaks in work to write a book review, I read in the gym and TRY to take 1 full day off all things blog related every week. Also get up really early on weekend mornings so when hubby gets up, its all done and we can do things together. But I do feel under time pressure to fit everything in, I need more hours in the day!

    • Ideally I’d like to have one day a week to dedicate to getting all my posts done for the week, and hopefully further to keep it stress free. I tend to be a lot more relaxed about it now than I used to be when I first started blogging though. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Scheduling posts really does help! It took a while for me to get used to posting in advance, but it takes the pressure off having to blog at certain moments when life just doesn’t allow you to. Great post, Jenn (:

    • Yes! I have been trying to schedule posts in advance. I have one post left to do for my other blog. This one I seem to stay a few days ahead on, which is good because then I’m not scrambling every day. I would like to get ahead a bit more but I’ll have to dedicate a night to it shortly and see what I can do.

      It’s always nice not to have to deal with the pressure each day!

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  7. I find it so hard to juggle everything sometimes. Of course, my work is so sporadic that I can have a week where I don’t work much, so I get my reading and blogging done, but then other weeks (like the last two) where I work a LOT and am exhausted when I get home that I can barely read, let alone blog. I’d like to come up with *something* to do each day, like updating my archive and cross-posting reviews, but there are days where I just can’t be bothered with getting on the computer.

    I think the important thing to remember is that the blog is yours and you can do what you like, when you like. You make the rules! I have to remind myself that most times. 😉

    • Some days are definitely better than others.. This whole week for me has just been a write off. Ugh. I have read maybe 40 pages total all week, it’s ridiculous. Hopefully this weekend I can get some reading in for the Weekend of Awesome..lol

      And yes, I will have to remember that i make the rules and it’s not a huge deal to miss a post here or there.

  8. Oh, I totally feel you. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, actually. I have a full-time job, I’m a newlywed, and I have a strict bedtime due to narcolepsy… so my “free” time is rather limited. I do a lot of my blogging during breaks at work or in the free time I get when my husband is not around. I can tell that he doesn’t like me spending so much time blogging (our evenings are usually filled with activities we can do together). And just like you, I don’t want to spend all of my time in the evening commenting on blogs. My reader feels like it’s going to strangle me these days, and I’ve been wondering how the heck other people manage it.

    Maybe it’s just like those people who can read 30 books a month. They have so much free time they can also visit and comment on blogs all day long. AND they somehow manage to constantly be on twitter. Since I’ve started blogging more, I rarely glance at twitter. I wish I had a solution because I would like to be able to keep up with all the blogs I like, and maintain a decently busy schedule on my blog, but I also don’t want it to start overwhelming me. =/

    • Oh Twitter, I’m like the worst Twitterer ever. I go on about once a week, if that. I just don’t have time! And if I do go on, it’s because I’m bored and only have my phone to occupy me and have exhausted every other form of entertainment on it.

      My husband doesn’t seem to care if I’m working on blog stuff in the evening, for the most part. As long as I’m not bugging him..lol Then again, we’ve been together for over 7 years and sometimes doing our own thing is good.

      As for having a strict bedtime, I should probably. I’m almost an insomniac and have a hard time sleeping, except when I was pregnant. Nothing like switching from going to bed after midnight to going to bed at 8pm..lol

      I like having a schedule because then I can get a few posts done and just forget about ir for the month, like the other blog, I only have one review a week and the occasional meme, so I tend to get them done at the beginning of the month and then just do whatever for the rest of it. When I didn’t schedule it was much more hectic!

  9. Ooh tough questions. First, I don’t think you sound like a jerk at all. We all do have lives outside of our blogs, and even if we don’t have something going on we shouldn’t feel obligated to have to do something. This is a choice, not a chore, and I wouldn’t want it to become one!

    I’ll say my first week or two of blogging there was no balance in my life. I was really sucked into the whole book blogging world and that’s all I really cared about.

    Now, my initial craziness has calmed. Luckily, I’ve written most of my posts up to two weeks in advance (from when I was all over it) so I feel pretty comfortable that if I don’t want to write or do something, I don’t have to. I’ll usually spend a certain day or two writing new posts, but besides that most of time is just checking out everyone else’s blogs or responding to comments.

    I think it’s a hard balance no matter what though. It’s a lot of work, and can easily cut into other things, but the ability to make new friends and talk about what you love is always exciting. Predicament!

    • Yes, since I started scheduling posts, it’s much easier. If I get all of my posts done in advance, then I’m not worrying about it as much and don’t feel as guilty in the evening if I’m not doing something for the blog.

      It has taken a lot of adjusting to find something that kind of works for me, but lately things have gotten thrown off a bit, especially this week with everyone being sick here.

      When I first started blogging it was all about the blog as well, I was obsessed and doing all kinds of things every day for it. Luckily it did die down and I found time to do other things again. I think it’s important so you don’t get burnt out with blogging!

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