A Glo-Worm’s Thoughts: How Do You Read?

A GloWorms Thoughts Button-01I know, this seems like a very strange question, but the other night I was reading (like usual) and I just started wondering how other people read. What I mean is, like me for instance. I’m the type of person who has to read every  word. If I skip something or try to skim part of a book I have to go back and read whatever it was because I forget it or just don’t absorb any of it. I know there are people who can skim and skip things, I’m not one of those people.

There are other ways that people read too. Like last week, someone told me that they got their copy of Clockwork Princess and immediately read the ending first. Just because they couldn’t bear to put all of the effort into reading it and have it turn out how they aren’t expecting. I’m not saying it’s wrong to do that, some people like to even. I, myself, wouldn’t read the end first. I just started Clockwork Princess  the other day and accidentally saw the family tree on the dust cover. I haven’t really been reading anything on it because I don’t want to accidentally come across a spoiler and ended up seeing something I really didn’t want to see because I wasn’t aware it was there.

Some people read fast, others read slow. There are some like me who just read at a rate somewhere in the middle. I’m not as fast at reading as people tend to think. I read a lot of books, yes, but that’s because I sneak in a bit of reading at every chance I get. My daughter is playing quietly with her toys in the room? Going to read. Cooking supper? Going to read. Playing a game? Going to listen to an audio book.

I read before bed every night. I always have, it helps me sleep. When I’m cold (which is a lot), I tend to have a bath and read in the tub. When I don’t want any distractions in the evening, I go downstairs and pop some popcorn and sit and read alone. Basically, I spend a lot of time reading. I enjoy it and I plod a long at my own pace.

I’m also a snacker when I read. I like to snack on things like popcorn, candy, fruit. Basically if it only takes one hand I’ll snack on it.

So what about you? Are you a speed reader, slower or like me and somewhere in between? Is there a certain time of day that you read? Do you have to snack while you read or have any other reading habits?


19 thoughts on “A Glo-Worm’s Thoughts: How Do You Read?

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  2. Oh, I’m definitely a snacker when I read! When I really settle down do to an hour of reading I have to have something to eat and drink nearby, otherwise I feel like there’s something missing.

    It’s great that you manage to read during the day when you don’t have anything else to do. I’m always too distracted then (: I’m a very fast reader, which is how I manage to keep up with review copies even though I barely have time to read.

    Lovely post (:

    • Thanks 🙂

      I wish I was a fast reader, then I could read all of the books! lol But I like to make sure I’m absorbing all the details, so I slow down a bit.

      Lately I seem to be eating a lot of carrots while reading, it’s just so easy to grab a bowlful and chomp them. If I don’t have anything I feel like I’m missing something as well!

      • Oh, carrots are a great idea! I hate eating bread or other things that produce crumbs when reading. I’ll have to try that (:

        I notice I do miss some details in books, at least when I read things like YA. When I read a classic I HAVE to slow down because the language just can’t be read all that fast.

        • Oh yes, classics slow me way down! There was a time before I discovered all of the amazing YA books that are out there now where I was just reading classics. I was reading like one book a month..lol Now I’m reading 10-15 books a month.

          Carrots are awesome! So is fruit and smoothies.. and popcorn 😉

          • Tried the carrots, they work perfectly 😀
            Ha, I get what you mean. Once I started reading YA instead of high fantasy I all of a sudden could read a book in one day, it’s a completely different experience.

            • Yay! And they are just so much healthier for you! I pretty much like any kind of veggie of fruit as long as it’s not too messy. I have recently discovered sugar snap peas, They are about as awesome as carrots for snacking!

              Yeah, it takes me forever to read a book that’s not YA, especially if I’m not reading a lot. So I try to read a lot 😛 They are so good, so I’m sad I don’t read enough of them!

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  4. I don’t think I’m a particularly SLOW reader, but I’m not fast, either. And I like to read ALL THE WORDS because I’m like you — I don’t think I absorb everything unless I read everything. I think that’s what makes me a more moderate reader.

    I work with someone who will look at the ending so she’s not kept in suspense. I could never do that! I like the journey and getting surprised by things.

    And I read at night, too. And in the morning. And all the time in between. 🙂

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  6. Yeah, I never understood those people who say “I don’t have time to read” and then they land in front of TV and watch reality shows for 3+ hours. I am pretty much the same as you, I read when I have the chance. There is never the in my life the kind of moment when I feel I have nothing to do. There is always a book to read 😀 I also ALWAYS read before falling asleep. I have done that since childhood.

    I never skip passages/pages, I never look at the ending of the book. Skipping some things feels like the worst thing to do; I’d rather just not finish at all and watch a movie or something.

    • Sometimes I will plop down in front of the tv, but I don’t like to for long. I find if I’m having a lot of trouble falling asleep, if I read for a few minutes, suddenly I can sleep..lol

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who has the inability to skip parts!

  7. I’ve been thinking about this kind of stuff lately, too! I think I’m somewhere in the middle as far as my reading speed, too. I’ve calculated that I read at a apace of about a page a minute when it comes to YA books. If it’s a classic or something, probably two pages per minute.

    I am also not a skimmer, unless I really don’t like the book but want to finish it, and I know I’m not missing anything if I skim. I tried skimming East of Eden but that just didn’t work. If things are really intense, I have a habit of skipping forward to the next bit of dialogue just so I can see what happened already, without so much suspense, but I always go back and read the few lines I skipped over.

    I would never read the ending first! I don’t even like to read the description before I start reading the book. I want maximum surprise factor. I was halfway through a book one time and then randomly/accidentally read the description on the back, and it TOTALLY spoiled it for me! Since then? Never.

    • I skip ahead when things are intense too. I don’t mean to, but my eyes just hop to the next page and scan it. I was doing that today reading Clockwork Princess. I kept getting mad at myself for it too.

      I totally forgot to mention that I almost never read book descriptions either! I like the non-spoilers. Sometimes I do (with books I’m requesting for review of course) but I tend to not reread them before starting the book, since I have a terrible memory and tend to forget them.

      I would say I read 1-2 pages of YA a minute and 1 for adult/classics. So we are about the same reading speed 🙂

      East of Eden is a beast to get through (I know it took me over six months of casual reading, as in I read it in a month after my friend beat me.) I didn’t even like the end. lol.

  8. I’m with you on most of your reading habits. I cannot skip or skim pages, and I never check the ending of the book. I feel like it might possibly ruin some of the excitement that goes along with reading the book in the first place. I was to be guessing what’s going to happen until the very end, not know it prior to starting!

    I also don’t consider myself a fast reader, but I’m not overly slow as well. I just try to sneak in reading whenever I get an opportunity between classes, during the commercials of my favorite television shows, and any other opportunity! (Except cooking. I’m a horrible cook so the thought of reading while cooking would only lead to disaster). And like you, I usually am a nighttime reader, though if given the opportunity during the day I’ll still do it.

    The only area I’m different is the snacking. I’m a snacker while on the computer but while reading I think my mind usually gets so absorbed into the book that it doesn’t think about food. It much rather eat the story!

    • lol! I’m a terrible cook, but I still read while I cook. Then while I’m eating.

      I don’t like to know the end because it does ruin the excitement. Why read it all if you know how it’s going to end? It just makes it take longer to read or you might even lose interest if it doesn’t end how you want.

      I guess I don’t snack all the time when I read, but quite a bit I do.

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