Fiction to Film: Warm Bodies

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warmbodies movie poster

How could I not take advantage of seeing a movie from a zombies point of view? Especially when it’s a love story?! I know right? I can’t. So I had to go see this with my friend because we’re awesome and watching all the book to movie adaptations that we can, reading the books first of course! Well let me tell you. I laughed so much watching this (at least as much as I did when reading the book). I have to say I freaking love Isaac Marion for coming up with such a great story.

The movie is a bit more PG than the book, there’s no zombie sex going on for one (I teehee’d while reading about the sex, it was just to funny to visualize). But then, the boneys are a heck of a lot scarier in the movie than the book. Those things creeped me out in the movie! *shudder* There wasn’t really any of Perry talking to R in his mind as much. There’s a dream that he has where they talk to him directly, but other than that there wasn’t that much. So a few minor changes in the movie from the book and one major change!

The biggest change was the ending. It still ends on the same note, but how they get there is completely different. I have to say that I liked the movie ending more (I know, how many times can you say something like that?). I feel this way because it somewhat made more sense and gave a reason for the humans and zombies to come together, for the humans to see that the undead were indeed changing. I’m not going to say how it’s changed because that would be a jerk thing to do. So I will just say I liked it better.

Regardless of the changes, both are full of laughs. Both make you really like and fall in love with R. M is hilarious in both, maybe a tab more in the movie, I loved him. They really picked some great actors (I honestly might be falling in love with Nicholas Holt) who were great at their roles. I’m glad that I ended up seeing this one in theaters. Funny, action, romance, hot zombies, what’s not to like?

Did you get a chance to see this one? What did you think of it? Have you read the book as well and liked the movie changes?


3 thoughts on “Fiction to Film: Warm Bodies

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  2. I’m still not sure if I want to see this one … or read the book! I like my zombies to be ZOMBIES, like eating people and grunting, so when I see them more humanized, I get skeptical. They’re just not zombies to me, then! But maybe one day I’ll feel inclined. 🙂 I do like that it’s funny! I like funny movies and books!

    • You know what, I’m not really a huge fan of zombies but, I will let you know that there is grunting and brain eating going on! They only become more humanized as time goes on. I think this is mostly meant to be on the funny side though.

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