Fiction to Film – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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the hobbit

Once, a long time ago, I decided that I would finally read The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. Like many others before me, I found myself in love with the writing, the characters and Middle-Earth. So after reading and hearing that finally, FINALLY, they were making a film adaptation, I was ecstatic! The Lord of the Rings is one of my favourite books/movie series. My dog’s name is Frodo and my wedding band is a One Ring. So you could say that I’m a Tolkien fan. I’ve read the books at least twice and have plans to read them again. I’ve watched the Lord of the Rings movies so many times now I can’t even count it. So I imagine I will be watching The Hobbit movies many times in the future.

So you’re probably wondering, what did I think of the movie adaptation of a book that I’m so in love with? Well I absolutely LOVED it! My husband and I finally found a sitter and were able to sneak away to a movie, the first in 11 months. We both love it, and he’s pretty picky about movies. If we have the chance, we will be going to see it again while it’s in theatres, that’s how much we enjoyed it!

Prior to watching, we had heard terrible things. It seems that there are many people who don’t share our love of this amazing movie. But, me being myself, I NEVER listen to critics. Why should I let someone else’s opinion sway me into not watching (or reading) something that I might potentially love? I prefer to form my own opinion on everything, it’s just how I am. I will admit that sometimes I can be swayed by bad reviews to read or watch something just so I can have an opinion on it, but generally I don’t see why other people dislike it.

So the movie starts and we are in some of the worst seats, up front with our necks cramped, anticipating this movie we’ve been looking forward to. The music starts and me, being the nerd I am, get chills. I swear, the music gets me every time. I get a giant grin on my face, which kind of hurts because I can’t stop smiling (did I tell you I’m a huge nerd?). Then we are thrown back into the Shire with Bilbo as he starts to write down his story for Frodo.

I think I might possibly have enjoyed The Hobbit even more than The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship for sure. Since they’ve split the one book into three parts they can fit in so much more detail! There’s tons of action, elves and even some eye candy (Kili, amiright?! *drooool*). I also just love how they seem to have a way of casting the exactly right people for the roles. I mean Martin Freeman is an amazing Bilbo!

I could probably go on gushing about how much I enjoyed this movie, but it would probably bore you to tears or at least have you begging for me to shut up and stop fan-girling already, so I won’t continue much longer. But I will say this, it there is one movie you should see this year, it’s this one. It’s one of the best book to movie adaptations I’ve seen. Period. So don’t miss out on it because it really is great! And now, I leave you with some eye candy 🙂


3 thoughts on “Fiction to Film – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

  1. I’m not even reading the comparisons because I still need to READ this book! It’s on my list for this year, though, since a friend of mine challenged me to read it for my free space in Book Bingo. It’s been on my shelf for about 15 years, so it’ll be nice to finally read it!

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